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About Co-Codamol

Co-Codamol is a combination of two well known painkillers paracetamol and codeine. Co-Codamol is available over the counter at most street pharmacists in the UK but with a codeine dose of 12.5mg and 500mg or paracetamol.

If your condition calls for stronger pain relief, you will need a prescription to get Co-Codamol with a stronger dosage. Prescription-strength Co-Codamol is available in 15/500 and 30/500 doses.

Co-Codamol is available as an approved generic medicine and under various brand names such as Solpadol, Kapake, Co-Dydramol, and Zapain. You can buy the clinical equivalent of these brand medications at this approved site.

Co-Codamol is prescribed for short-term painful conditions, for example muscular pain, nerve pain, toothache and menstrual pain.

Co-Codamol is not suitable for everyone and the consultation at the clinic requires you to answer 28 questions about your health condition. These questions focus on your pain symptoms, your general health and most importantly what other health problems you might have and what other medications you are taking. It is especially important that you answer these questions accurately. That way you can be sure you can safely use Co-Codamol to control your pain.